To Join, Email

  1. Managing Director
    Each month we set goals, and one of the goals is to have a team building event. It could be a barbecue, card game, or even a retreat! We teamed up with Project Rebirth and English River Outfitters for an annual resiliency retreat. It is an excellent time, and very motivating.
  2. Managing Director
    If you are not a Veteran, but still want to help with our cause, you can join Red Team Support Element. Just send an email to Amber, the Chair can get you more information, and get you on the roster. Basically, it's just like being on Red Team, just in a non veteran element. Red Team Support Element works on the same projects as the rest of Red Team. The difference is if there is an event or something that is specifically for Veterans, Red Team will be the group for that. We are all a family, and have a great time working together!
  3. Managing Director
    Help us make a difference in a person's life. No warrior is left behind, and we should make sure that our brothers and sisters are not alone.
  4. Managing Director
    Everyone on Red Team is a leader in some way. Choose your own identity, and break any stigmas
  5. Managing Director
    We are there for the Veterans that we serve, but are also there for each other.