About Us
Serving Our Fellow Veterans 
The Greatest Loss Is Being Forgotten
Red Team is a grass roots group of like minded Veterans that want to come together, and make a positive impact on the Veterans community, and in turn the local community.

22 Veterans commit suicide, every day. 
Thats correct; almost every single hour of every single day, one of our brothers or sisters dies as a result of problemes that that shouldn't be.
It has occurred to us that many of the problems Veterans face is due to a lost sense of purpose, identity, and unit cohesion. In the states, a warrior is no longer the gun toting, good guy, that frees the opressed from the evil in this world. instead, they have to make ends meet by taking a job that is does not have as much purpose, in their eyes.
This leads to depression, and a lost identity. Upon coming home, we all go our seperate ways, and deal with our problems alone, When we are used to doing literally EVERYTHING together.
Red team wants to pick up the Veteran that has hit rock bottom, with nowhere else to turn. We want to unite as Veterans, to share the burden of everyday life. What might seem small to some people, are huge decisions for us.
For example, When I served in Iraq, with some of the other team members, we would come back from mission hungry, and go to the chow hall to eat. All we had to worry about was the ones to our left and right. 
Now, we need to find a job, that in many cases is nowhere near as important as the one we left in war. We choose what we eat, and how to pay for it. Everything we do goes against anything we would have done in war. This can be so overwhelming to some that they just cant go on living.
We are always our brother's keeper. We didnt go to war alone, and we shouldnt come home alone either. Red Team is here to help in many ways to ease that burden. We must unite. Red Team is a family, and if Red Team helps a Veteran, that Veteran is our famiy.
Our services may sound small to some, but to others could be the tipping point.
Also, as part of the team, we set monthly and long term goals. We obviously set goals to serve the extremely long list of Veterans in need Also, once a month, we set a goal to get together for a team building event. For example, Project Rebirth sponsored a resiliancy retreat, specifically for Red Team in October of 2015. We also barbaque, or go camping.
This builds the unit cohesion, trains us on different issues Veterans like ourselves are facing, motivates us to serve the Veterans we serve, and is an extremely good time! We document our events and projects on our Facebook page, found at https://www.facebook.com/Red-Team-1103794006315546/
We work solely off of donations, and use our own tools. We are all volunteers. Nobody profits from our services or money donated but the Veterans we serve.